Anglers Reminded of Devils Lake Yellow Perch


Anglers Reminded of Devils Lake Yellow Perch Whopper Weight



North Dakota anglers are reminded that yellow perch from Devils Lake no longer need to reach two pounds to qualify for the State Game and Fish Department's Whopper Club.

Effective April 1 of this year, Game and Fish standardized the perch Whopper weight at 1.75 pounds on waters statewide. The benchmark for Devils Lake perch had been two pounds since 1982.

The Whopper Club recognizes anglers who catch large fish of a variety of North Dakota species. All fish entered must have been legally caught in North Dakota waters.

Entries must be weighed on a scale used in trade. It is not necessary to have fish weighed at an official Whopper Club weigh station.

An application card must be filled out, giving weight and length of fish, date and where caught, tackle and bait used, signature of applicant, and signature of person weighing the fish.

Only one application may be made for each species in a lifetime. Anglers receive a patch for the first Whopper of a species, an "Expert" patch for a Whopper of another species, and a "Master" patch for a Whopper of a third species. Certificates are issued for Whoppers of additional species.


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