Anonymous group claims it spiked Gifford Pinchot trees.


Mar 11, 2001
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Anonymous group claims it spiked Gifford Pinchot trees.

By The Associated Press

VANCOUVER, Wash. — The Earth Liberation Front's press office in Portland has released a statement from a group claiming responsibility for spiking hundreds of trees in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

A statement faxed from the anonymous group Friday said the spikes were designed to block logging on 99 acres of old-growth forest in the Upper Greenhorn timber sale. The forest is home to spotted owls, bears, lynxes, wolves, goshawks and other wildlife, the statement said.

"Together we can destroy this patriarchal nightmare, which is currently in the form of techno-industrial global capitalism," the statement read. "We desire an existence in harmony with the wild based on equality, love and respect."

Spiking trees is a tactic used by anti-logging groups to discourage timber harvest. Workers can be hurt or killed when a saw hits a spike.

"Obviously it's a hazard to logging to have metal in a tree that might be struck by a saw, either when the tree is being felled or when the tree is being milled," said Tom Knappenberger, a spokesman for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Knappenberger said the trees can still be harvested, although the timber hasn't been sold and logging isn't expected to begin until 2004 at the earliest because of lawsuits aimed at protecting spotted-owl habitat.

Knappenberger said two kinds of nails have been found, mostly in larger trees: 60-penny spikes, which are more than 6 inches long and a quarter-inch in diameter, and smaller 16-penny nails.

The tree-spikers' relationship to the Earth Liberation Front was unclear.

The shadowy group is better known for arson, including the May 21 attacks on the University of Washington's horticulture center and the Jefferson Poplar Farm near Clatskanie, Ore.


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Apr 22, 2001
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Let's see- maim or kill a human to save a tree. Sounds perfectly logical to me. I guess the houses these freaks live in are framed with steel and the paper they wipe their @$$ with came from neverneverland.This people make me sick!! I can't believe people can see outdoorsmen as the bad guys. Without our efforts there would be no animals or trees to protect!   Scott


Mar 12, 2001
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And what federal group is seeking to prosecute these terrorists?  Anyone?  
How about that.  Government endorsed homicide.

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