Another Micro-Stamping Bill Introduced in New York State Senate


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Feb 8, 2009
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The impasse between the "Coalition" majority and the Democratic Conference remains in the New York State Senate, with Democrats continuing to function administratively as though as if they are still in charge. During this time, bill introductions and committee referrals are proceeding ahead. The likely reason for this could be that Democrats plan to pick up where they left off should the leadership battle be resolved. It is important for law abiding gun owners, hunters and sportsmen to be aware of this because some of this maneuvering involves micro-stamping legislation. As most New York NRA members know, Senate Bill 4397A was on the calendar at the time the upheaval began on June 8. The bill was set to be amended in order to remove the requirement that in-state manufacturers could only produce micro-stamp equipped semi-automatic handguns, but with the ensuing leadership battle S 4397A was not amended. For this reason the sponsor, State Senator Eric Schneiderman (D-31), has introduced a new micro-stamping bill, Senate Bill 6005, which incorporates the language of the intended amendment. Though this narrow amendment may address one problem for New York manufacturers, there are still numerous reasons for gun makers and gun owners to strongly oppose this bill.


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