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Aug 14, 2001
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OK, here goes:
12v relay was oscillating (double clicking) and not cam was not flashing or taking pics. moved the relay a little and now it sounds like it should but fires the cam every 27 sec. Is the relay going bad? possibly a bad connection? would this happen if the battery was not fully charged?  Would it work better with a 9v relay? This is the second RS 12v relay I have put in (not a reed relay). Would the reed relay work better?
After the cam fires, I can stand in front of the sensor and nothing happens until I move out of the way and then 27 sec. later the cam fires.
MS-20 board
12 v battery
On/Off switch
Owl AF (round dial)
mini phono jack and plug
12 v RS relay (not mounted on the board or in the housing)
Mounted in an ammo can
I think thats it......

Any ideas?


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Mar 13, 2001
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I have a little bit of trouble following you but here is what suspose to happen, maybe you will see some differences from your unit that will help ID the problem.....

Was also wondering if your setup ever worked?  is this a new condition?

1.  The MS20 has about a 30 second warmup period and will be triggered for this time

2.  Is the MS20 switch in the Test or Auto position?

Test Position
The MS20 will detect movement and should trigger the relay for about 4 seconds then reset, in other words, when you hear the relay close (or the camera flashes), 4 seconds later, another movement will trigger it again

Auto Position
Note: the internal Light Detector must be removed or covered

When the MS20 detects motion, it triggers and there will be a 1.5 min delay before resetting and become capable to trigger again (the relay is pulled in this whole time)

The MS20 will reset as long as the MS20 don't detect motion before the 1.5 min's is up, if it does, then the 1.5 min time delay is reset (but the relay remains pulled in-no pix taken) and the 1.5 min time delay starts over.  If there is continuos or repeated motion before 1.5 mins, the MS20 WON'T reset and no pix will be taken....."There has to be NO MOVEMENT for 1.5 mins in order for the MS20 to be able to trigger again" (and repeating, the relay is pulled in (contacts closed) the whole time the MS20's time delay is in progress, this could cause a weak battery problem as described below)

3.  When the battery gets low, the MS20 will "Toggle" the relay, on and off, whether it detects motion or not (and eventully take up the whole roll of film)


reed relays use a lot less battery juice than most others but if you are using "Test" mode, I don't think the 4 seconds the relay is pulled in will make all that much difference.  In "Auto" mode, it's a different story because there is a lot of battery drain for the 1.5 min delay

hope this helps


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