Another round of D6 success


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Been hunting hard every weekend since the opener for archery in August putting in an average of 5-7 miles per day and I was able to fill my archery tag back in august. Fast forward to opening weekend of rifle season and I was able to spot a good buck for my dad at the end of a good hunt we made and he took it. The weekend after that me and my buddy went out to his spot and just as we started hunting 4 deer stepped out one being a decent buck he took it and killed his first buck. Well me and my buddy have been going back out there every weekend and putting in the miles and haven't been seeing but one deer a day which was really discouraging, but still always great to be out and hunting. Today we hiked about a mile and I decided to hunt it a little differently, while we were making a game plan of how to hunt a stand of trees and a ridge we heard something coming off the hill and out of the thick trees and brush to the left of us. We waited a couple minutes and a decent forked horn walked out and about 30 seconds after that a bit bigger forked horn came out. I decided to take the bigger of the two since the season only lasts through next weekend and I'm not gonna get any more time to hunt with my buddy this season. Very happy to have filled both my AO and D6 tags this year as well as see my buddy get his first buck and be with my dad when he got one. My dad has his AO tag left so hopefully he'll get one more before the season closes as well! Here are pictures of all the bucks View attachment 83403View attachment 83404View attachment 83405View attachment 83407
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Congrats on the success. I really like those pics, except for the tailgate photo. Cool scenery on that last pic for sure.


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Congrats on all of those bucks and to your buddy on his first. Very cool looking country. Good luck to your dad on filling his AO.
Nice bucks! I was up in D5 today when the rain came in but didn't see 1 deer....Last week I was about a min behind a buck till he hit hwy 4 and someone honked at him that made him hit the gas pedal and I never caught back up to it may try a few days this week

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