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Anti gun protest at 2013 SHOT Show in Vegas. I join their prayer group with headcam.


Anti gun protest outside 2013 SHOT Show in Vegas yesterday. I join their prayer circle with a headcam on. Unfortunately my memory card ran out before they packed up to leave. Each of us was allowed to say our own prayer & I was able to pray for more AR15s, Pmags & that prices return to normal. This sent the apparent leader of the group into a fit & he walked away from the prayer group. I actually ended up having a decent dialogue with the remaining protesters & explained how the lies & BS they spread are factually not true. 2 even stayed behind to ask more questions about guns. That is the bottom line really, these folks are truly ignorant on the issue they are protesting about.

Headcam was a Contour 2+ shooting at 720p rez.




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I'm bummed the camera died, I would have liked to see the reaction to prayer for ARs and PMags... Awesome
Did you get home addresses?


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I like how one second the guy with that hat is yelling about assholes then a moment later he is praying. Awesome.


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>these folks are truly ignorant on the issue they are protesting about.

I've gotten involved with animal rights protesters too and found the very same thing -- thay have very little understanding about animals. I've found very few of them that I have been able able to reason with. Most of them are very hateful and think humans are the worst parasite the earth has ever seen. That's except for themselves -- of course!



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Nice work! Were you surprised that some of them had never heard of the incedent in New York with the publishing of gun owner addresses? Ignorant people.

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