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Any German Hunter's On here??


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Im from california In germany for a month as i was Noticing There are alot of Deer hunting box's and ALot of Pheasant's running around i also heard a few shotgun fire yesterday morning. i would like to go out on a hunt to watch and see how its done here. please feel free to Pm me


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Hey Rico good to hear from you! How is it in Germany? Sorry I can't help you, i stopped hunting Germans after Ww II... :D

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Plain ol' Steve

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To the best of my recollection, the deer can only be shot in the feilds and not in the woods. You likely saw all the blinds in the edges of the feilds and none in the woods.


birdhunter23, try to see if your post or base has a Rod N Gun Club. Most of the enlisted didn't have the money to hunt in Germany when I was there in the early 1980s. The officers in the R&G club can let you watch them take their hunting test and introduce you to the local Jaegermeister (warden). I enjoyed just watching them take their test as it was a lot more involved than what we have here in the states. Real shooting situations with moving targets etc. If no club try and find the local Jaegermeister and explain to him that you would like to watch a hunt and see if he can allow it.

I wanted to hunt in Germany and even had my guns with me but I just couldn't swing the money as a 2 striper.


Im from california In germany for a month as i was Noticing There are alot of Deer hunting box's and ALot of Pheasant's running around i also heard a few shotgun fire yesterday morning. i would like to go out on a hunt to watch and see how its done here. please feel free to Pm me
Hi Birdhunter
Where is your destination in Germany? I live in Nuernberg/ Mittelfranken / Bavaria . Where is your Home/ Stadion in Germany? Pn me ! No Prob. Lets go Hunting:toast-yellow:

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sean english

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Now here is an interesting topic.
I lived in Deutchland for a few years. Loved it. My wife is from a little town outside of Oldenburg.
I used to take pictures of pheasant and deer from her kitchen window.
I did a lot of research about hunting in Germany and these are my findings:
Its not the sport of Common Man over there. (I dont think in any industrialized country it is the sport of the CM any more). Meaning you got to belong to a club, association, etc in order to be able to participate.
It is expensive and kind of with invitation only that you can join a club. It just ain't a god-given right like it is here in the good old US of A. Partially because its a small country, populated with a long history. I dont think there is any square foot of land (or correctly said square meter of land) in Germany which is not already explored and discovered and probably disturbed. Game is very much controlled, taken care of, fed in colder years and when the harvest season comes along, its done in groups, clubs and its done the old fashion driven way. They use o/u double barrels with the top barrel being a rifle. Prepared for any scenario.
Oh ya and cost: I remember I priced 12 gauge ammo over there a couple of years ago and it was close to 1 euro per shell. Shotguns and rifles, go figure. I dont think you can buy any shotgun under like 2-3000 euro. It would be great if you can find a connection and go with them. Dont forget to take the camera and share some pictures.
And yes: Dont you dare slipping into some McDonald or BK over there. Wurst Wurst Wurst. Each part of Germany has its own kind of sausages and they serve them differently. Eat the sausage with Curry, mustard and whatever they serve it with. When in Rome do as Romans do. If you did get to Dusseldorf, go to Altstadt (old town) and find a place to eat a Schweine Brotchen and Brat Kartoffel. Its a slice pork on their own buns (brotchen). Brat Kartofel you can get anywhere. Its basically fried potato with onion. Love it love it love it.
And yes, ask every waiteress over there if they remember Sean, the tall, handsome guy who loved Brat Kartofel. I miss it so muchhhhhhhhhhhh.
Oh ya its Christmas season. Dont stay indoors. Get out. Christmas market, gluevine and start a conversation with anyone next to you. All germans speak English better than you can imagine. Just never ever start a conversation with "Do you speak English?" They will tell you no and walk away. They are toooo proud to do anything not-perfect. But if you just start the conversation with them, they will go along. Great people. I have much respect for them. These are the people who came out of two world wars, demolished and were able to build their land up in matter of few years and become the #1 in europe. Just look who europe is looking up to when it comes to bailing it out. And say hello to the Iron Lady, Frau Merkel.
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy:stir pot:

And if you did fall in love with culture as I did and you wanted to see a good German movie, Watch "Life of others" which won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2006. Real movie. No hollywood junk. Shows you real well how it is to live under the watchful eyes of an authoritarian regime.


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hey K_rad thanks brotha Wish we could have gotten a chance to hunt this year together! had some good hunt's with you!


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Im visiting Bavaria . and all the deer blind's are on the egdes of fields but there so many fields and deer blinds .Specter i will look into it finding a Jaegermeister have to ask my Gf if she knows anything about it she live's here.

sean English lol i had mc donalds already its nothing like the State's but i would dear not eat it here again .thank's for the advice and suggestion's will definitely be used .

PM sent SeeWolf

Seen to Roosters Flush out of here right after i took this pic.
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Been a while since i posted on Here but im still in Germany And would like to meet some Hunters im in Bavaria area Ansbach Nürnberg Bamberg And Coburg very often if any Hunt Out this way send me a PM Thanks

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