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Hello all! I have just purchased a Para 1911 ssp and am wondering if anyone knows anywhere (Online or in Bakersfield CA) that i can get cheap ammo, mostly for plinking and range shooting. The current low price I have is Cabelas with 1000 rounds of Wolf ammo for 13.4 cents a round.


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Have you looked at Cheaper Than Dirt? They usually have some good buys on ammo for 45 and 9mm. I'm not much of a Wolf fan myself because it's so dirty, but to each his own.


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Win. 230FMJ value pack at Walmart $ 19.95, 100rd.
Accurate, clean, cheap and Reloadable.
I would not fire Wolf in my .45


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I am on the anti-wolf bandwagon myself. The rounds shoot dirty and the coating on the round leaves a residue that is a pain to get off. Now the .22lr Wolf ammo is supposed to be some of the best on the market. (more expensive too.) For inexpensive reliable ammo I shoot the Blazers 45. The winchester from Wally World is a good price too. Last time I was there they even had it on sale for $11.97 / 100 I bought all they had.


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I'll second Blazers, not worth a darn if you reload though. The alu. cases can't be reloaded. I buy the win. 100 boxes at walmart myself, but I wouldn't say they are clean shooting, There not to hard on the bore though. They just leave the muzzle a mess, I guess that could go for almost any ammo. I reload my own so I like the brass.


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I like the reloads from Miwall. IIRC they sell them for $75.00 for 500. I pick them up at the gun show but the have a website as well. I also am anti wolf, those laquered steel cases are bad news.


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Here's where I've purchased new 45acp ammo which is boxer primed with a 220gr jacketed bullet and it's accurate click on ammunition of the left sidebar then select PMP made in S. Africa, first saw it in Cabelas in 03 bought 2 boxes of 168gr 30-06 soft point hunting ammo,tried it and itis accurate,btw they have some really good prices on their ammo also check out Hotshot ammo!

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