Any Washington State Hunters Here?


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Sep 7, 2012
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I'm going to be hunting Washington State for the first time this year and I was wondering if there are any WA residents here that I could ask a few questions about hunting in WA?

I bought the combo tag/license for Deer/Bear/Elk/Cougar. I designated Western Archery for Elk. According to the regulations to archery hunt for deer you have to have an archery deer tag, but I was never given the option to select a hunting method when I was checking out of the online sales. Does it automatically default to modern firearms?

Can you hunt any GMU as long as it's not a special hunt? For instance, could I hunt one GMU one week and another GMU another week?

I will be heading up in August to scout for Elk. Any recommendations or advice?

Thank you.



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Jun 4, 2011
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Hey Rob,

Can't help you with your questions but was wondering what drew you to Washington State? I enjoy trying out new areas but some of these states have systems in place that seam more complicated or are just so different than what I'm use to that I shy away from them.

I hope you get your answers whether it be here or elsewhere, if you do please share them with us.

Best of luck......Chuck

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