Anybody Draw Anything Decent?


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I only know if it's decent, but drew #47 at Volta. 1 draw out of 14 picks. Just don't know if it's worth the 4 1/2hr drive or sweatline a little closer, maybe san jacinto?

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3 refuges for 3 guys=Zero, plan B for the opener, shoot out of the boat/blind. A little more work, but it can pay off nicely!


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We got a low draw for wister too but after going down to set up the trailers I am not sure if it is worth going. The place is in the worst shape I have ever seen it, very little water and very few birds
One of my buddies drew Grizzly Island both days opening weekend, rest of us got skunked. Never hunted Grizzly. I read that the reservations are first come first serve not by reservation number. Can anyone fill me in on how it works there? Would be nice to at least have an idea going in.


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Drew 6 at San Luis for opener. First opener draw for me and first hunt at San Luis. Pumped. Thinking Blue Goose Unit...


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As far as Grizzly goes, you park in a line and the order you park is how you get in. Bring mosquito repellant or you will be eaten.


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I got 2 days in a row at Mendota, Sat. Oct 28 #52, Sun. Oct 29 #16. I'm not familiar with this place. Anyone wanna join me there and show me around?
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I drew #41 for San Jacinto for November 15.

If anyone has hunted there this season, please let me know what areas are better than others.

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