Anyone else going A22 opener


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Sep 13, 2004
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I usually hunt Palomar north side 9S07 fire road to high point. Hunted this area for 25 years.
Only got one doe. The saying what will go wrong... will go wrong bowhunting. Arrow hits branch. set screw comes out of release, i could write a book of more episodes.. I have put a few guys on deer. Missed shots or wound a deer with bad shot. Seen bucks far and few between. Many doe... I have let does walk just to try and get a buck in the area. Then kick my self for not taking the shot. Its still fun and very relaxing.... I stalk minimal. Sit and wait...If anyone wants to meet up let me know... water is the key..... sometimes you will see on opener deer curious but just enough out of of a shot. They will be staring right at you... The next few days they scatter...It is very thick brush.... a good kill shot is a must.... you may never find the deer otherwise.


Nov 1, 2012
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Urban archery came in here on Sept. 7. I hunted the evening, hot, and saw a passel of turkey up close but not in season yet. Shucks.
I call it 'Does with bows' as you can only take female deer with stringed instruments.
Usually have a nice buck walk up to me. Yeah, frustrating!
I'll let ya' know if I get any, the weather has dropped a few degrees from boiling out there for a while.

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