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Anyone here from the old days?


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I'm confused..... I've never seen a change to the way photos are posted or have ever been asked to pay for anything. The way I see it the way photos are posted and stored remained the same since 2011 when I started hunting and joined JHO. Still learn a lot from the site and enjoy the stories.[/QUOTE

Posting photos has changed recently, the file size allowed has shrunk. I can no longer post a picture from my phone. I used to post picture while hunting. Even my normal game cam pics are to big to post now. Posting a picture is a given if you want an active sight. Excuses, posting recipes, bickering, on a hunting forum is a sure kill. Like me hunting hogs...
Ahhh.... good point, I do have to resize my photos now that I think about it, never had to in the past. It's kind of a pain!


They killed it off when they started doing all that stuff to shift more of the reponsibilities related to posting photos onto the users shoulders because they obviously didn't want to have to pay for the storage space and bandwidth numbers. That's pretty much when everybody was like "Bump that noise!" and posts dropped way off. Then your photobuckets started also getting big for their britches and wanting to charge. Those two events together signalled the death moan of this place. My $.02
This is hilarious. Paying for storage of pics has never been an issue, where did you get that nonsense? Maybe you didnt get the memo but server space is pretty cheap now, you can get a decent server and space for $50 a month now.

Maybe you should take your balloon juice somewhere else.


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Been a few years since I've been here, plan on dropping in more often now that I'm back on as of today.


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I always check in during deer hunting.. Finally will get out to the d6 high country tuesday-thursday.. Will report back.. Been years since I got one......

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