Anyone shoot a S&W 329PD?

Where's Bruce?

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I am looking at this revolver for bowhunting season up north. Just don't think my .40 cal Glock 22 is up to the task. I imagine the rear site will hafta be maxed out to handle the muzzle jump given its light weight and i am sure it's a miserable gun to shoot but I don't wanna pack a heavy piece I won't likely need and I'm pretty sure if a large predator is charging me, I won't even notice the recoil as I try to whip off a shot or two. I own a LCR in .38 and it weighs less than my keychain so I'm pretty much sold on the alloy wheel guns, but a .44 may be a different story. I would likely buy the hardcast bullets made by Buffalo Bore specifically for this revolver. Haven't been able to find one I can shoot yet and the gun goes off roster soon. Thinking 4" barrel. Opinions?



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With your dough to blow i would be looking at a German Luger Bruce, cant go wrong with that no question's asked :)


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Don't know if you made decision or not but I own and have shot this same revolver for awhile. Also have the same 2 1/2 inch setup in Taurus. EIther is manageable but both of these guns have substantial recoil with full loads and also quite noticeable with specials. I don't shoot them at my range without gloves but have long ago adopted that for any recoil bearing hand gun. You can literally carry either of these revolvers all day without a problem... the guns weigh the same as the six rounds that are in them. Again it is definitely not something you go to the range and run a box or two through but if you have something gnawing & clawing at your body your not too concerned about recoil and loud explosions...

Where's Bruce?

Well-known member it, slapped an X frame 500 grip on it and loaded it with the special Buffalo Bore rounds made specifically for this revolver. My group is fine for 4 shots...then goes to hell quickly. Carried it all day for 8 days...forgot it was even there.


I do carry the 329pd while hunting and it is light. You need to use the Buffalo Bore ammo or else you will have problems.

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