Anything in this Schrade "set" suitable for field dressing small game?


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The set includes:
120T PAL
1080T Junior
720T Dog Leg Jack

Old Timer Set.jpg

From what I've read the blades on either the 1080T Junior, 1 720T Dog Leg Jack would be suitable; the 1080T blades perhaps more so. It seems like a crazy good deal, wood handles, stainless steel, and made in America. I'm not particularly fond of the "2017" engraving but I'm more interested in utility and keeping an edge on a budget

I'm a novice in case it's not obvious. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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If that is all you had and they were kept sharp and a stone. for a all around pocket knife you could do much worse.


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The More Blades the merrier to me Move from one to the other to the other before having to sharpen.


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Those knives will do just fine, but I think you would regret not having a locked blade when dressing animals. Would prevent a number of accidents.


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Any one of those will work fine along with a set of kitchen shears for cutting off legs and wings.
Double check the made in america part!!! Unless things have changed, my understanding is that Schrade closed their long time american plant and moved production to China.


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That 3 blade Old Timer is what I use almost exclusively , much to the humor of some guys that I have hunted with. They generally don't laugh much when they see my finished product . ; )

BUT , I have the old high carbon steel blades . I understand that they don't make those anymore. I just cant put an edge on the stainless blades like I can with the old Schrade. I know when it is sharp when I can shave the hair off of my arm with it . Seriously, that is ho I know that I am done sharpening them.


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For small game that will definitely do the trick. Multiple Blades are not bad for a back up. To put it in perspective, I use two full sized sized fixed blade skinning knives on a deer with minimal honing, those would work nicely for your use, but definitely keep a stone in your pocket...Jason


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Locked blade is what I would suggest. Schrader makes nice knives but again look for locked blades

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