Argentina Goose Season Follow Up - One Province Closed


Mar 11, 2001
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Argentina Goose Season Follow Up - One Province Closed

As a follow-up to the June 1 Crosshairs concerning the moratorium on the goose season in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina, SCI has learned that the season has officially been closed for this year. We recently received word from Argentine government officials that they were going to close this season down for one Province – Buenos Aires. They stated: "...we would like to inform you that present regulations on goose hunting in Buenos Aires province - geese wintering area - strictly forbid hunting of any goose species at the moment...

Therefore, any geese hunting activity is clearly illegal and offenders will be prosecuted." The government officials said that this is in response to a severe decline in the ruddy-headed goose population. While other goose populations are thriving, the ruddy-headed is not, and unfortunately the government says that this creates a look-alike problem and that the best way to protect the ruddy headed goose from accidental shootings is to prevent all species of goose from being shot in the Buenos Aires province. This information was confirmed by SCI's Argentinean Chapters who have been working to protect the hunting season and prevent such strict regulations. As always, check with your outfitter as well.<span style="font-family:Arial"></span>

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