Arizona G&F Input Meeting


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Jun 8, 2002
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It was a good meeting tonight in Mesa (Tues., 8/03), with the new G&F commissioner in attendance (BTW, he's an active hunter)! Most all the suggestions that have been floating around the Internet were made known in an idea-gathering session.

The really unique suggestion (not mine) was to have any booking agent/outfitter/guide that has a felony on his record (of any type) be prohibited from participating in any way in regards to the application process or outfittimg/guiding for Arizona game animals. I believe Taulman and/or Montoya are under indictment for over a dozen incidents/infractions that they may be considering plea-bargaining (instead of going to court) --- these pleas would not keep their record clean, just minimize the punishment at that particular moment.

What we want and need to do is REALLY negatively affect their opportunity to do business in our state (and all other states for that matter)!!!

All you living outside Arizona, hope you're taking notes ...

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