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Jul 6, 2001
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There is a pretty good article in October's North American Whitetail magazine about counting deer on your land.  Talks about using cameras to check on the deer herd.  The amazing thing is that they are saying based on a survey of woods containing a verified number of collared deer 90% were photographed over a bait station.  This was over a course of 14 days and a rate of 1 cam per 160 acres.  If you can bait in your area, you can quickly tell what is and isn't available during hunting season.  They are saying that in two weeks a few cameras will gather more info than a researcher would in two years.  Wow, I'm going to apply for a Federal Wildlife grant and a degree.  (I don't own stock in the magazine :laffin-yellow

Can anyone identify the Cam being used in the photograph?  The biologist is programming it with a handheld unit.  I wonder if this also downloads info like time temp, pressure, etc.

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