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As axon


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This one was caught out of long beach last week. 13 pounds!

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Bull bug

I thought of you when I seen this. 70 year old lobster!!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=872422446104069

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Tx Scottmarine. Nice bull bug. Our west coast lobster actually aren't as old as their east coast cousins - if that was from the East, it would be 70+ but my understanding is that even the 18lb lobster out here are likely just to be pushing 60-70 years. We release all big males over 10lb and females over 6lbs just out of respect. Here is a friend, Mel (aka LABugman), releasing a 16lb bug.
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Below is a 10+ lb bug who was returned to the ocean after molesting me.

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Right now I'm in New Zealand. Take are of California for me...

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Good on you Andy as well as the biologist in the video for releasing the large bull lobsters so they can continue breeding. If there were more like you with that mentality all species of animals would be in far better shape.

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