Assaulted NJ hunters deck their attackers.


Mar 11, 2001
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Assaulted hunters deck attackers

By: John Tredrea , Hopewell Valley News Staff Writer  


Attacking someone trained in martial arts might get you more than you can handle

  The moral of the story may be: Attacking someone trained in the martial arts might get you more than you can handle, dude.

  Hopewell Township police say that's what happened to two unknown assailants of a 42-year-old Ewing man and his 19-year-old son, also of Ewing, shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday.

  The incident occurred as the father and son were returning from a deer-hunting trip off Goat Hill Road, in a rural section of the northwestern township.

  "They had a special permit for the hunting. It was legal," Lt. George Meyer said. "After hunting for about an hour and a half, they drove their all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) back to where they had parked their trailer."

  As the ATVs were being loaded onto the trailer, two men screaming, "Why are you killing our deer?" appeared "out of nowhere," Lt. Meyer said.

  One assailant swung at the father, the other at the son. "It turns out that both the father and son are trained in the martial arts," Lt. Meyer said. "The attackers wound up on the ground in short order. The father and son left them there and drove off, before things got any worse, and called us."

  Police describe the attackers as white men, both between 25 and 32 years old, and both between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall. The attackers were driving a dark blue or black pickup truck.

  Due to concern that publication of their names might lead their attackers to them, police would not release the identities of the two hunters.

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Too bad the antis weren't caught. They may just try this again and end up hurting someone.


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Sep 19, 2001
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Shame the hunters didn't tie the antis up for the authorities to pick up when ever they got around to calling them. I know what every one is thinking..."what about the safety of these men from other wildlife?" Thats why the antis need to be well covered in human urine and or feces.

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