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Australian world record Buffalo?

Gray Ghost Safaris

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While bringing some successful Hunters back to camp last year (at the end of the season) my PH spotted this bull just off the trail. The two Hunters were finished with their hunt and didn't have the extra funds to take another Buffalo. What a nightmare! This bull is the largest we have seen and is still living in the concession. I would be there for July's opener but I'm already committed to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. I hope someone gets him. These are the cheapest Buffalo hunts anywhere except Argentina. Good hunting, GGS



I speak fluent Vise-Grip
BOY, what a dilemma. You know where there's a possible world record buffalo, but you can't go since you'll be in Africa. Sucks to be you doesn't it?

Don't say too much, and maybe you'll get a chance afterall.

Gray Ghost Safaris

Well-known member
Belchfire, I'm still laughing at that one! LMAO! Yeah, I need to play the lottery, win and then I could do nothing but hunt and fish. That wouldn't suck at all. As mentioned, the two Hunter's came over on a 2X1 hunt (2 Hunters, one Guide, or PH). They paid for their balance upon arriving in camp, as per usual. Hunted hard and took two great Buffalo and some wild Boar (huge ones I might add). Didn't bring any more money except for pocket money and tips. On their last morning, they were returning to camp to get packed when they spot this monster. It would have cost $2,000 trophy fee plus the bonus trophy fee of $1,500 which is payable on any bull scoring over 104 SCI points. It takes 80 points to make their record book. This guy would probably go over the top. Since I've never scored, mounted (I was a professional Taxidermist for 17 years) or seen one live or in pictures of this size, I'm lost at a guess. I've had several emails from my web site asking if the photo was computer enhanced. Nope. I have other pics. It's him....Dino-Buff. Someone on one of our regular Buffalo hunts this year (season runs July-October) may find and shoot him. I hope for that as opposed to him dying from old age, Crocodiles or Dingo packs). But understand, this area is as huge as the Selous in Tanzania. It is totally wild, no fences of any kind, wind mills, cattle gaps...just wilderness "Outback." I'll get over as soon as I can. Good hunting, GGS


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wow he has some incredible mass too and length! how big were the wild boars taken? any pictures of them?


Thats definitely a big bull but wouldn't say world record. Back in the 60's they used to shoot lots like that. Poor management on our behalf the bulls just don't get like they used to these days.

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