AZ 2A or 2B Cow late Sep


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Well it looks like I got a 2A or 2B cow tag. anyone have any advice for 2A or 2B cow in late sept - early oct? Just need meat so.. Willing to do whatever, long hike in backpack camp, no problem. Thanks! possibly will pay for a reasonable guide if required.


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My 11 year old son (12 in July) pulled a junior rifle tag for zones 1 and 2C. My plan is to get out there two weeks ahead for a day or two and do some recon work. Depending on what I find I may go back for another day or two a week ahead.
We will likely take the horses and base out of the trailer as it should be getting pretty cold and windy by mid-October. Lots of wide open country in zone 1 and we are probably gonna need to cover some ground unless water is really scarce.
Water is also going to figure big into your hunt- less water is going to make it a lot easier to find and locate the animals.

The biggest thing you can do to add to your chances is get out there a week ahead of time and put a plan in place. Then go back a day or two ahead of your actual hunt so that you are ready opening morning before they get a whole bunch more pressure and push further back...

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