AZ lion killed after reportedly stalking people.


Mar 11, 2001
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Lion killed after reportedly stalking people.

Associated Press.

Dec. 06, 2001 11:05:00

FLAGSTAFF - — State game officials believe a mountain lion killed on Mount Elden was the same animal responsible for stalking at least five people during the past several months.

The female lion, which weighed between 60 and 80 pounds, was killed Wednesday after trappers used dogs to track the animal nearly to the top of the mountain.

This was the second lion Game and Fish has ordered killed because of similar behavior. The first was killed Sept. 16 after a pair of lions attacked a hiker’s dog.

Following more reports from people who said a pair of lions followed them nearly out of the woods from Mount Elden trails, officials decided to hunt and kill another one late last week.

Both times, officials used tight boundaries to describe an area to trappers where the offending lion would likely be found.

Rick Miller, a Game and Fish program manager, said tracks found by trappers Wednesday indicated the lion had likely set up shop in deer-rich territory.

“He’s basically standing in the middle of the grocery store looking at people walking by on the trail as food,” Miller said.

The final straw for the Mount Elden lion was when it used its paw to pin a dog last week on an area trail.

Officials said that based on what the department learned by studying attacks against people in California, an attack on a dog is a precursor to attacks on humans.

Wildlife managers advocate precautions for people to reduce the chance that lions will become focused on humans as food.

To begin with, people are advised to keep dogs on leashes and children close by since both are attractive to cats and vulnerable to attack.

Paul Beier, a local forestry professor who has written a review of fatal mountain lion attacks, said he would like people to think about what they’re doing before they take pets into the woods.


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Oct 25, 2001
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There is a pretty good site on Cal. lion attacks at <>. I have seen lions and lion sign much more often, and in more populated areas, in recent years. Still don't understand why they are 100% protected in Cal.


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Oct 29, 2001
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I am with you Mojave. I just moved my treestand yesterday to a new location for bowhunting and there were tracks everywhere. I hate knowing they are out there when you go walking through the woods every morning in the dark. I haven't had a run in with any yet though. I think the state needs to open up a little lion hunting for sure. I ran into some butthead a few weeks ago that puts a half dozen frozen chickens in the trees by his cabin where I hunt because he wants to take a picture of one. He hasn't seen one yet but the chickens get eaten every night. He hangs them 10 feet off the ground and has seen the tracks every morning. I told him he was an idiot and one day when they come by looking for chickens and he didn't put any out, I hope he is taking out the trash when it happens.
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