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For Sale AZ ranch/recreational property


I have four 160ac parcels available for only 35,000 each.

They are all part of a single section (640ac, one square mile) in the Red Sky Ranch subdivision.

The properties are in a grassy area circled by short bluffs near the southern end of the Petrified Forest NP.
There are petrified trees and stumps found on the property along with indian pottery sherds and such.
The section is bordered by BLM land on the north and south, and by State Trust sections on the east and west.
There is a BNSF railroad spur line that cuts across the northeast corner of the property.
The land is topped with heavy clay, cut by a few gullies from runoff to the southeast.
On the southwest corner, there's an old cinder pit that's ideal for a range backstop.
Terrain overall is fairly flat, dropping only about 50ft over the entire section.

Near St Johns, AZ

each 160ac parcel can be subdivided into 4 - ~36ac parcels (allowing for roads)

It's about a 10-12 hour drive from Los Angeles, CA

The properties comprise parcels A,B,C and D in Section 31 (south end of the Red Sky Ranch Development)

Taxes are about 300.00/yr and a Property Owners Assn. bill of around 160.00/yr for road maintenance for each parcel.

The Property Owners Association CC&R docs can be viewed here:

Nearest utilities about 6mi to the east.
Plenty of good ground water with wells drilling at 200-400ft. Property is at 5800' elevation. Mild climates for most of the year, some snow in winter.

Lots of antelope and deer in the area:

Pictures of the property can be viewed here:
RedSky Ranch

Interested parties may contact me for scheduling a visit to the property.

//Ben ([email protected])
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Is there gas, electric, cable (internet & TV) and/or sewer nearby?
Nearest commercial power is about 6 miles to the east.
Photovoltaic and wind generators provide power for most residents.
Gas (propane) service is available from St Johns.
Septic systems must be installed.
Cell phones work fine (Verizon) as well as Satellite TV.


There aren't many trees on the property now... it's mostly grassland and some scrub. Currently used to free range cattle, but I don't know what kind of demands on the forage either the local antelope or cattle make.

There's enough rainfall to create a few seasonal lakes in the area, and it wouldn't take much effort to dig a large pond or lake at the south end of the property to capture water run-off draining from the north. The larger section is already covered with a layer of clay that would make good lining material.

There's a guy over at Arizona Hunting Today Forum - Powered by vBulletin
that's very familiar with the area and has hunted it over the years who could probably answer that question.
You can see his (AZ_Thunder) comments in my thread over there at:
For Sale: AZ ranch/recreational property - Arizona Hunting Today Forum


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