Baby Colt


Picked up this Colt Pony .380 from a co-worker after her step-father passed away. This is the all steel one, they made a lighter weight version also. Still had a full box of shells, so I don't think he ever shot it. They were made for a couple years up to the year 2000 or so.

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I like the double action trigger.

I like the 380 caliber.

I don't like the internal hammer though.

A Walther PPK would therefore have all the features that I would want.

But your internal hammer lets you shoot from inside a pocket (through a hole of course) which is one kind of advantage to the internal hammer.


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That is not a double action. Single action only with an exposed hammer. My wife has the aluminum one. Nice gun but for a pocket gun I prefer double action only.


The Pony is Double action only (DAO), the Mustang is Single action.

The Pony has been criticized for having a week hammer, but it's fired every kind of 380 I've fed it.


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Very cool. I do LOVE a government model; even if it's scaled down. A friend had two Mustangs and sold both years ago. I always wished I had bought one of them.
Cool beans, inchr!

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