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Bad deal


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Like most accidental illegal actions, when you lie and try to cover it up, it ends up biting you back. Sounds like her guide/outfitter were morons too. Accidental shootings of collateral animals happens every now and then, and can be taken care of if the shooter admits it up front.


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If she had admitted to it without playing a part in covering it up, I would feel sorry for her. However, since she made the decision to play a part in covering it up, she needs to pay the piper, whatever that price entails. The sad part about this, is that her actions will be used by the anti's and reflected back upon all ethical hunters.


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She Is a Hotty, but I think that will do her little good in the courts, maybe in Jail but not in the courts.
So two misdemeanors, large fines, no Hunting or fishing licenses for a couple years maybe some community duty and that would be more than what most poachers end up with.
Now the Guides have problems, like finding a new carrier

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