Bald Eagle pair migrates to Oakland East Bay Area


The KTVU 2 Fox affiliate in Oakland reported that a pair of nesting breeding bald eagles has been spotted in the Oakland East Bay's Chabot Regional Park. The pair has an eaglet that they are weaning.

I have seen many bald eagles at Clear Lake in Lake County north of San Francisco. They are a stunning sight to behold with their snowy white heads and tails.

Normally they just mind their own business at the top of really big trees watching you from a great distance. Eagle vision must be 20/15 or better. We humans need to use binoculars to match them.

This pair of eagles has apparently migrated the 50 miles south from Clear Lake to claim Chabot as their hunting grounds.

Watch out fish and rabbits, dogs and cats as well. These birds are like flying coyotes, stunning to watch, and at the top of their own food chain.

Now, if the eagles can thrive like this, in a lead-bullet-allowed area, why can't the dummazz condors do it too?
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