Barrel de resonators?


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Having troubles with the Bruce's Rem 700, we got it to a 4 to 5" group at 100 yrds, but not really consistently.
It has been recommended that we try a Barrel de resonator ? never heard of a resonator except fop he BOSSystem.
Looks like it could work, any ever played with these thins before? their only 12 bucks so the cost is not an issue, just kind of funky looking.
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Make sure the stock is well tightened. Ive seen loose stocks make a huge difference. My own rifle stock on my savage came loose last year and my grouping went to hell.


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4-5" groups @ 100 yds? Something is seriously wrong there. Loose scope rings or mount, busted scope or as solus said, loose stock. I'd try all of those and if that didn't work I'd say try switching ammo.

Something is not right.


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Well we reloaded 165 non leads boat tails for It In various charges, so changing the ammo could still be a possibility, maybe 150 instead of 165 just because the non-leads and bigger? Kind of pulling our hair out at the moment. We'll definitely check out the riffle again make sure all is tight, the scope is good. I have heard the Rem 700 can be vey choosy about the ammo? I guess for 12 bucks we can kick round with it

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I can probably throw rocks at 100yds and get a 6" group. Something is seriously jacked with your setup. I would let someone else shoot the rifle AND use factory ammo to see if that helps. Forget about your $12 fix for now. You got bigger issues here...


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I've experienced a factory ammo from one brand over to the next not even hitting on the PAPER! (FIOCCHI Shooting Dynamics, such crap!)

I was freakin' out... then put back in some ammo I'd done well with earlier that day and bada-bing, right back on track.

So yeah... ammo can make a huge difference too.

Also... are you closely observing "the Bruce" when he's taking his shots? Paying close attention to his trigger finger to make sure he's not punching the trigger at the last second from flinching/anticipation?

How stable is the rest the rifle is sitting upon whilst making the shots?

How is the shooters cheek-weld? Do they consistently put it on same spot? Maybe something there is affecting parallax a lil bit?

Was it a strong windy day?

Is the Ocular Bell focus adjusted for his eye specifically?

You DO use Blue Loctite when mounting scope base and rings, right?


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Going to go thru his rifle here soon, and work with him a bit. I know some time behind the rest will help, but got a feeling there is ,ore going on with his riffle than ammo.


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How old is the rife? What's the rate of twist? Maybe go up or down in weight. Check the lands and groove how far is the bullet sitting off? Remington at 100 yards off that much. I'd be really concerned about it.

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