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Bayedsolid AKA Cole Masuen


Cole loved to hunt as most of you know, He is an awesome person with a huge heart! Please if any of you are on the central coast im having a memorial for him at our old house in paso robles this saturday the 21st @ 4:00! If any of you are interested please just email me [email protected]! or check out this website http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=143279969034621



I'm so sorry Karin to hear about Cole. We sat and had a shot of apfelkorn at your mom's cabin last time I saw him. It was the cabin that the Sgt. with the dog lived in by the office.

Blues skies Cole


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So sorry to hear the news. Such a nice guy and so full of life. I bought a 4H hog from him just over a year back and he delivered it to me here in Fresno.

I always looked forward to his posts here about his wild hog hunts. We are all going to miss him.


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OMG!!.....I'm so sorry to here this. What happened?
Cole was a great guy, and one hell of a hunter! He has bags some huge hogs with 4+" cutters.....A true outdoorsman!

RIP Cole...Prayers sent to his family. :prayin :
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I am really, really stricken by this news. So very tragic. I sure wish there was something I could have done. Tragic, ............ I wish I knew more to say..........

Friends , know your friends. Try to know who they are inside.

I went to a friends wife 's memorial not too long ago and learned a good life lesson. It was this....

"Brett, slow down, take the time to get to know people , really know them.
I missed out not getting to be friends with his wife. I missed out on getting to know a wonderful person. Brett , slow down , that fishing trip can wait for an hour, etc.etc. We never know what sort of impact we might have in a persons life or, more importantly what impact they could have in ours".

Some simple, heartfelt, well put words can have a life changing effect on someone. People have done that for me.

None of us are guaranteed any tomorrows, I, we, should strive to make a difference today.

So long for now Bayedsolid.


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