Bear and Bobcat Pictures

Nice pictures ten pointer maybe someday someone will get a picture of a mountain lion that are not supposed to be in newhampshire. But they are. I will post some pics soon as i figure out how to do it. Beatle

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Last year there was a flurry of sightings of a cougar in Massachusetts in the Chelmsford/Westford area. If you do an internet search you can find those reports. Because the sightings were during the day they think the cougar was a pet let go. Cougars are usually nocturnal.

Westford is not that far from the NH border. I haven't heard much lately on any recent sightings.

Get those pictures posted.

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You're right. Very slooooowwww to download the pics with dial up!!!

I haven't seen them yet. Got em on the back burner coming into it a fraction at a time. Meanwhile... Last Wendsday afternoon, at 4:50 PM, I was headed north on rte 16 in Ossippee NH, An adolescent mountain lion crossed in front of me, and was struck by a southbound car. Knocked the cat down, rolled it in under the bumper, and drew a little blood, but it flailed out from under the car, and headed up into woods near Archer Pond Rd, I met up about an hour after with the state biologist, and we seasrched the woods a bit, did not find the cat, only clear tracks left at the scene,

I was told that two seperate scat samples, one from Ossippee, and one from Squam Lake area were both tested positive as being moultain lion.

HOWEVER; until a NH DEPT of F&G, makes an actual sighting, all other sightings and reports are considered as "unofficial sightings" Despite a number of competent people seeing themover the years, there has not been an "official" sighting of a mountain lion in NH. This was the second one I have seen in the last thirty years.

Maybe just as well if you stop and think about it. (Look what happened to Oregons timber industry over a spotted owl.)
Now I got em! Nice pics!

"I think this is the rear end of a coyote. Date stamp is 6/26 11:27. Which is late for a coyote to be out unless it's feeding pups"

I think you're right on the coyote. Not so uncommon to see them out that time of day and season though.

They will spend alot of time going for the turkey dinner when the chicks arrive in the spring. Turkeys roost at night, so the coyotes shift their hunting pattern a bit mid June into july hoping to get a turkey dinner into the morning or afternoon.

You ought to let the state know about your bobcat. I know the biologists are running a population density survey this year. They would be interested I imagine.

Nice pics.

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