Bear and hunter/wind scent question (with diagram!)


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I know the general rule is to be downwind from where you expect a bear to be (lets say a smelly berry patch). But won't being downwind spread your scent everywhere downstream and make bears not want to approach the patch? How else do they find the berries and not be scared off by human smell?

Like this (h=hunter smell, b=berries, ----> is wind direction):


Or does being downwind mix your scent with the berries scent and it doesn't matter so much?

Same sort of thing goes for being upwind of the site. No?

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I just talked to a guy about this sort of thing. Here’s what he told me: Bears will associate your scent with the bait. They won’t be afraid of it like when you’re not baiting. So don’t worry about wind direction or pathway when placing bait. Baiting requires many weeks of baiting before you actually hunt, apparently. So bears will begin to approach the bait because they’ve been there before, not because they smelled it for the first time.

When you’re actually hunting, use a different route so they don’t know you’re lying in wait. Who knows from what direction they’ll come.

Hopefully you’re not asking about this for California...
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