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Bear Life Cycle in Pictures


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Bears start life as cute little cubs


Then, bears like to do a little swimming in the mud


Then, bears get big and fat


Then, bears forget that they are delicious, and they get shot


Then, bears get skinned and butchered


Then, bears get seasoned and beautifully browned


Then, bears get braised for 4-5 hours


Then, bears get shredded


Then, bears get placed into tacos


Finally, bears get eaten. The end.



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Had bear tacos before and it was delicious
But guacamole and salsa makes everything delicious lol

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Well, there's always the bear poop "in the woods" (post tacos) ...

But don't post a pic of that. :skeered:


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Bear Tacos, Bearittos, BearBQ, all great ! Never had Elk but for what meats I have had Bear is the Bestest


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Their's nothing like a meal from your own harvest that was brought to the table with the care it deserves.
Here's to enjoying many more in the years to come.


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Their's nothing like a meal from your own harvest that was brought to the table with the care it deserves.
Here's to enjoying many more in the years to come.
No doubt. The fun part about this year’s bear is that my wife, who doesn’t hunt, helped me process the animal and haul it out (she’s amazing). It took us five hours from start to finish, so she is totally vested in the food we make from it. She now refers to all our bear meat as “hers”. She loves it.


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Makes it all the better, I'm happy that my wife and kids enjoy our venison and other wild game as well.
I don't know if your pic represents an average bear as far as fat goes (looks pretty healthy/chunky to me), but do you trim it all off before or after freezing or does some of it go into the pot?
And thanks for the extra motivation i'm taking with me on my next deer hunt.


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You know, the skinned bear in the picture is the only one I’ve ever shot with a seriously thick layer of fat. It was many years ago, but I trimmed it off before freezing, which is critical, because it doesn’t freeze well. It will go rancid over time in the freezer. Most of the other bears had much less fat, so it wasn’t an issue. Looking back, I wish I had rendered the fat, though. It is great for cooking and a number of other uses. Daniel Boone made a living from selling bear fat for many years.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t hesitate shooting a small bear like the one you saw during archery season. The processing is more manageable, which is a significant undertaking with a big bear.


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Now that Daniel Boone was a man.. Go for it on the next one, if it's anything like nice white duck it 'ud be worth a try.
One of these years, and yes, for me a smaller bear would be good for the first go.
Not a bad strategy hunting bear early and deer later.

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