Bear Skull Finished


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Gonna try maceration with this first coyote skull. How do you guys handle dumping out the water such that your neighbors don't pitch a *itch about the smell of that water you need to dump out? Or does the smell of the dumped out water dissipate quickly enough once it's out of the container that it's not that big of a deal? When I do this I don't want to be upsetting any neighbors.


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BTW... question.... for mounting a Bear Skull... with Jawbone.. if you wanted to mount it onto a skull-hooker mount.

What would most people normally do about attaching/fixing the Jawbone back onto the rest of the Cranium?


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Doesn't really smell that much... at least what little I've done. Just pour it in a planter with the dirt turned some.


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Yup, what Steve said. It won't retain the smell for long after you pour it out. BTW, with this warm weather, your skull will macerate quickly. I haven't used a skull hooker, but you can drill a small hole through the lower jaw bones and use wires to unobtrusively attach it to the skull at the location it articulates.
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