Beaver Interrupts Phone Service


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Nov 18, 2002
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Beaver Interrupts Phone Service

Traverse City, Mich. — Northeastern Michigan had a problem to chew on: Long-distance phone service was interrupted for more than six hours after a beaver apparently gnawed through a fiber optic cable.
“In my 33 years with the company I’ve never heard of this happening,” said John VanWyck, spokesman for Verizon Communications. “I’ve heard of squirrels chewing aerial cable, but not this.”
The outage began shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday, July 1. Service was completely restored by 2:35 p.m. Some 62,000 customers were affected, including long-distance, dial-up Internet and some cellular phone services, as well as credit card and ATM machines.
“This has had a huge impact on our business,” Doug Morrison, owner of a grocery store in Hillman, told the Alpena News. “Seventy percent of our business pays by credit card. Because of this stupid thing, our machines won’t work. We had a lot of customers leave $100 in groceries because they couldn’t pay for them.”
The affected area extended from Roscommon County north to Gaylord and east to Alpena and Rogers City, VanWyck said.

Wonder if the beaver got a shock!


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