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Mar 11, 2001
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There are many rip off optic venders online that sell binos, spotting scopes and accessories. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews of the optic retailers first before you plunk down your hard earned dollars at

If you insist on buying from the lowest priced store just know this. Many of the New York City camera shops are known rip offs. They advertise the lowest price to hook you in and then try to sell you items that come with the basic package. They charge outrageous shipping charges to recoup that low camera price. If you're smart and say "no thanks" they then take your order and you get to play phone tag on where your binos went with a rude customer service tech. If you can even get a warm body on the phone. They also sell "gray market" optics to you without telling you they are gray market optics. These gray market optics have NO USA warranty and it will cost you to ship them to Japan or Europe to get them fixed. These rip off stores will sell you a US warranty optic for more money but they try and get you to bite on the lower priced gray market optics.

Here is one rip off rating for HotBuyElectronics, note how the stories all are pretty much the same. They hook you in and if you don't fall for the scam they move on to the next guy while you wait for your supposed order to arrive.

Try to use vendors who have ratings above 7. Under that and it's a crap shoot.

Reputable optic stores are B&H Camera, Camera World, Eagle Optics, D&R, SWFA and Bear Basin. You may pay 5% to 10% more than the cheapo rip off stores but you will get your order when they say you should and you will not have to deal with rude phone people who call you babe and try to scam you.


Bottom line, caveat emptor in the online optic world.

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