Benelli Ethos

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Dec 12, 2002
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Might!! My son and I own 4 Benelli shotguns which we like. That Ethos is sure a nice looking gun. I would like to own one myself. It maybe a little early on to get much feedback on the gun. The first generation SBE we bought had some issues, the others, a 2nd generation SBE (around 6 yrs old) and an SBE II w/comfort tech (2 yrs old) have been good so far. I just bought a Super Sport, it's to early to tell on this model. I think the Benelli line of shotguns is as good as most comparable priced shotguns. I sure like the way these new autos fit and swing right off the shelf, these guns have a more natural feel to me and seem to be right on target when you shoulder the gun. Some shotguns I own you almost have force yourself and think about targeting these guns when you bring them up. There are some great deals on line.
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