Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact Pistol On Its Way!


Mar 11, 2001
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Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact Pistol On Its Way!


Deliveries on the new Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact Pistol scheduled to begin June 1, 2008.

ACCOKEEK, MARYLAND - Beretta USA is pleased to announce that deliveries for the introduction of the most advanced Sub-Compact sidearm of its kind - the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact pistol will begin June 1, 2008. Built around Beretta's latest Px4 Storm modular technology, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact delivers concealed carry handling with large frame firepower.

This new firearm is available in two calibers, 9mm with 13 round magazine capacity and .40 S&W with 10 round magazine capacity. The Px4 Storm Sub-Compact will eventually be available in all the traditional configurations (F, G, C, D actions) that have made its Px4 Storm full-size counterpart a preferred choice of Law Enforcement agencies and civilians across the United States. This new pistol uses a very reliable locked breech, providing a more compact and lighter weight system. Additionally, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact utilizes a stainless steel barrel which requires less maintenance and is corrosion resistant, making it perfectly suited for concealment close to active perspiring bodies.

"We know that our customers have been very anxious to get this new Px4 Sub-Compact model into their inventory. Beretta is now very pleased to be able to fulfill that request," said Gabriele DePlano, Vice President of Product Development at Beretta USA.

Hailed by some as the most accurate Sub-Compact pistol on the market, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact offers absolute reliability and consistent accuracy in a small package. Featuring a Picatinny rail to fit light and laser accessories, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact also adapts to different hand sizes easily with interchangeable backstraps that are included with each firearm. The magazine's patented "Snap-Grip" allows for maximum concealability when the firearm is holstered, while providing a comfortable and secure grip when the pistol is being fired. An ambidextrous manual safety, ideally positioned on both sides of the slide for easy access by all shooters, and a low-profile slide catch complete this small yet powerful package. Additionally, a reversible magazine release button, in small or large size, can be mounted on either side for the convenience of the operator. The Px4 Storm Sub-Compact was designed by Beretta USA and will be manufactured in the United States at Beretta USA's Accokeek, MD facility.

About Beretta Law Enforcement and Defense

In addition to producing the celebrated M-9 pistol, the official sidearm of the five branches of the US Armed Forces, Beretta also outfits law enforcement agencies across the United States and international forces spanning every continent.

Through its recently launched Total Solution™ system, Beretta combines the strengths and core-competencies of every company within the Beretta Holding Group to provide optimal products and services to the Law Enforcement and Defense community. Beretta's Total Solution™ provides a complete array of products to suit diverse regional conditions and meet agency objectives and needs. These include the polymer Storm family of products (Cx4 carbines and Px4 pistols), the Benelli line of shotguns, including the M4 Super 90, adopted by the USMC, the Sako and Tikka line of sniper rifles, the line of shotguns and pistols offered by Stoeger, and the hi-tech line of Optics manufactured in the US by Burris. Beretta also operates several armorer and tactical training schools across the United States.

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About Beretta

Established in 1526, Beretta is the oldest industrial dynasty in the world tracing its roots through 16 generations of continuous family ownership. Firearms bearing the Beretta name have been sold for almost 500 years. Beretta USA Corp. was founded in 1977 and supplies the standard sidearm to the U.S. Armed Forces. Today Beretta manufactures, distributes and markets a complete line of firearms, accessories and apparel. Beretta also owns and operates six retail Beretta Gallery stores worldwide. For additional information visit

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