Best cases to use.


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Jul 18, 2014
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OK I have not loaded rifle ammo in over 20 years but I am not a rookie just rusty. Well things are changing in California so we are looking at loading again. When we used to load we were relatively picky about our brass and most preferred Remington brass for our most used hunting rifles. We would not load a case more than 2-3 times. I have access to more brass than I need but there are a variety of different manufactures. Is Remington still considered one of the better manufacturers for brass or should we be looking at something else? Going through the inventory we were surprised at what we found. I have been shooting factory ammo in Federals premium line (nickel plated) as well as a fair amount of Hornady and some Barnes. I of course save all brass so I should have enough to load with any of the major manufactures I just will not bounce from one to the other.

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