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Looking at finally getting a nice, quality gun safe. I've been looking at the Liberty Safes but wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation on a quality safe that is not quite as expensive. Looking to store about 40-50 long guns. Thanks.

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Last Christmas grandson got a Cannon from Tractor Supply Company. Very large and at a good price. I got a Winchester from Costco a few years back and have been very pleased(but the grandson's is much larger and wasn't that much more money).


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if you have not found one yet. I know a guy that sells them. He knows everything about anything you could ask. He is always willing to help me and always offers a good deals. I am never looking for a safe so I just tell him I will get one someday. I would be more than happy to share my hook up if you need it. One thing I will day is its best to study a bit. Many people will say something is just like something else and often its not. One thing he showed me is about the hidden hinge that are used on some safes. If they had to cut the frame to hide the hinge, you now have weak spots were they removed part of frame. He has told me many other things but much more than I can post here. Good luck to you and let me know is you need a hand. My safe guy is here in Bakersfield. Not sure where you are. The safe shop is right off the I-5 and easy to get to. They are Liberty also by the way.
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Keep an eye on Costco. They have good safes at great prices when on sale. I couldn't find better pricing when i was looking. A different size safe goes on sale every month or so. Just a matter of waiting for what you want.


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1) The longer the sustained burn time (30 min, 45 min, 60 min, etc.), the heavier the safe.....and more expensive.

2) Always by a safe with the "U.L. Approved" sticker (usually found on the door edge or frame edge). Underwriters Laboratories (an independent testing company) actually tests the safe to see if it holds up to the manufacturers' claims (burn time, strength, weight, etc).

3) Look at the size of safe you think you need.....and then buy the next size up. Lots of our customers come back a few years later to buy a second safe because they store lots of stuff besides their firearms in their safes (important papers, jewelry, emergency cash/gold, credit cards, etc.). The newer safes also have an AC plug and ethernet connector inside the safe with matching connections in the exterior. A computer tower (with all of our valuable info, photos, etc.) can be safely stored inside the safe and still be usable. No thief can steal it and a fire will burn up the WiFi but the tower will be safe from damage.

4) Your choice of dial, push button or (newer) finger print pad (expensive!!!).

5) Generally, the more locking cylinders in the safe, the better. At least three per side. Some have an additional two cylinders in the top and bottom of the door.

6) Decide what your preferences are then check for these features. After that, any brand will do.


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What shop you run and were is it? Good info by the way. That's what is cool about this site.


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Not sure where you're located but Deans Safe in Van Nuys has a great selection and fair prices.I got my Cannon from them. Tractor supply also has some good prices on Cannon.
I got my son one from there.


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wow... that would be one of the shops I would say to check out for a good deal. I believe one of the guys I know used to be the safe guy over there when Gene first opened or something. I was going to look the guy up. I think he no longer works out there. He is a old timer that knows everything about a safe. how to make them and brake them. lol I also know the guy out at Liberty. Both guys used to rent a space from us each year. Have u been around b-town long? I used to be the head promoter of the Bakersfield Thunder Run. Used to be one of, if not the best annual shows around here.

hey is the young vet with a bad back ( I think) still around there. Not sure the whole story but think he said he was hurt while working on a tank or Humvee. Nice guy and helpful when I was there.
hope all is well for you. Maybe I will see you around the shop sometime.
Take care brother.


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i wouldnt buy a safe that uses sheetrock as a fire protection layer. just me.

i had an old timer tell me you are more subseptible to a house fire than some crackhead getting into your safe. most house break ins are smash and spend the money on fireprotection.

i got a safe built for me by Sturdy Safes..out of Fresno CA. it is not the best looking safe. it looks solid and and old bank safe. but i put the money into the fire layer. the cost was low because none of it went to aesthetics..haha.

a pro with tools gets into my home..all bets are off. pro thieves are using portable bandsaws. no safe is safe. (pun!) would take minutes to get in.


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40 to 50 did I read that right? Wow big collection. It would seem like your going to need 3 or 4 safes or a small room to convert to a vault.

Maybe consider some cheaper models for your 'plain' guns and then get the high end model(s) for the valued pieces?

I have a Safari - might be Cannon's low end offering, can't say I'd highly recommend it, but its fine for me.

One thing I did get was a dehumdiifier:

It seems to help a bit with the guns and other things in there.
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