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Best Photoshopped pic - Post your pic here

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6th Annual JHO Game Cam Pic Contest

Best Photoshopped pic - Post your pic here

Contest Rules:

Please post only one pic per category. You can post the same pic in several different categories. If you need to edit after the 4 hour time limit please contact us.

Please just post pics, we'll hold off for comments until after the contest.

Pic must be yours, your families or friend's. No ripping pics that you don't own or have copyright to. If you cheat you're out of the contest.

Pics MUST NOT have been used in previous contests here.

Pics must be from home made or commercial game cams. No pics taking by regular cameras that are not part of a game cam (camera trap).

You can enter the contest under one name only, if you enter under more than one name you will be disqualified.

You can retouch or edit your pics with photo editing software if you want to.

No pics with ads or URLs on them (exception for the cam manufacturer). If you post them they will be removed

For the video category you can post a link to your video. If you need help posting a video please let us know and we can get it uploaded for you.
Please add location, date, time of pic and camera model and setup if you want to.

You can save and store your pics in the JHO Photo Gallery here to link them to the contest post.

If you need help on how to post your pics here or how to resize your pics go here.

You can test posting your pics here. Please do not test posting pics here in the contest forum.

Contest will end April 10th 2009. Voting for best pics will take place and prizes awarded then.

Good luck
and remember this is for fun


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I recieved an email that had several pictures of big cats on a deer carcass. They ended up being of a mother and two yearling captive cats in South Dakota, but none the less I recieved the email various times from various friends and the location was always a different location here in Kansas. So I took the compilation of pictures and cut & pasted so it looked like 5 big cats not 2 or 3 in the pictures like there originally were... then I re-sent the pictures back to those friends and really got them stirred up thinking there were a lot of mountain lions in Kansas.

Feel free to pull the picture if you like because I didn't take it, I just did this photochop..


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