Better Late then Never


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Oct 3, 2001
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Well I had given up all hope of getting a reservation card, when to my surprise in todays mail was the most beautiful site, A CARD !!!!!!. I am very thankful to the ressie man up stairs for this card to Mendota for Sat.Opener. Even more special is the fact my son took this weekend off so that he could go hunting with his old man.(guess who is carrying the decoys).This same son who made me a Grandpa for the first time this year(can't wait until I can take little Josh on his first hunt).Anyways I am looking so forward to next weekend with my son, we might even be able to bag a few ducks.If you are heading to Mendota look me up, I will be the big bald headed guy with an even bigger chest.Good luck to all in the coming season and remember to enjoy your time in the field with family and friends, because life is all to often short!!!.
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