Big Bear Lake 6/7/16


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Apr 17, 2014
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Went to big bear last Wednesday and nailed a few couldn't hit anything on that day even though fish were everywhere and even were in the beginning stages of spawn, then went again on Sunday with some friends and only got about 10 shots off between the three of us, guy at the dock said they were in full spawn mood on Thursday and Friday, so the weekend was a dead zone but after a couple days of recooperation went again today 6/7/16 and early morning fish were in full feedIng frenzy tons of fish out deep feeding on the floating vegetation and could see there mouths sticking out from a mile away then mid morning they all moved into the weeds to mingle still good groups of fish anywhere from 3 up to 12 in one pod
Filled a trash can with 21 fish by myself totalling 114lbs with about 8 pull offs
Best day of the season so far!!!
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Stonecold Headshot!!!
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P.S. Most of these fish were packed full of eggs still so another spawn could be soon


Jul 1, 2015
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Damn dude you selling that fertilizer? you must have a couple hundred pounds between Big Bear and Elsinore!!

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