Big fish falls from sky, onto garden.


Mar 11, 2001
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Big fish falls from sky, onto garden.

Canadian Press, Aug. 27, 2001 05:35:00

WASKATENAU, Alta. - The sky didn't fall, but a great big fish did.

Pat Bielish was tending her garden in her backyard when a fish came crashing through the branches of a tree behind her.

"On the ground was this lovely big fish, still alive, still wriggling," Bielish told CBC Radio.

"I picked it up and brought it inside and said, 'Look what I found in the raspberry patch.' "

Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials say Bielish's 'catch' might be the biggest red horsefish ever caught in Alberta.

The fish measured about a half-metre long and weighed about one kilogram.

How the fish came out of the sky is a mystery but wildlife officials offered up one possibility - the fish may have wriggled its way out of the grip of an osprey flying by.

Waskatenau is about 75 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.
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