Big Horn Ranch Offers Free Camp to Wounded Soldiers' Children


Mar 11, 2001
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Big Horn Ranch Offers Free Camp to Wounded Soldiers' Children


EXETER, MISSOURI - Beginning on Sunday, June 21, eight children of military service members will get to attend an all expense paid week at an Xpedition Summer Camp, graciously hosted by The Big Horn Ranch.

The idea was developed in partnership with the Honorable Julie Mogenis, host of the outdoor show, "Huntin' With The Judge" and Executive Director of the Armed Forces Foundation Outdoor Sports Program. "For many of these children, their fathers have recently been seriously wounded in combat and have just returned home," said Kim Hopper an area hunter, volunteer and facilitator for Mogenis. "Other children's parents are on active duty waiting to get called up or are in the reserve."

"War is as tough for the families left behind as it is for soldiers," said Ranch owner Terry Hamby, who is very passionate about reaching out to the children of soldiers. "Our goal is to provide a healthy outlet for the kids and a break for the primary caregiver. I am a soldier and I always will be, so we are happy to support this important cause."

Mogenis and her film crew will be at the ranch June 25th -- June 26th to capture the fun that the children are having, as well as the last day of camp when they are reunited with their parents.

The 2,000-acre ranch is pastoral and teaming with wildlife, perfect for outdoor adventures of all kinds. Xpedition Summer Camp encourages kids to get away from the television and outside for hands-on, active learning about the great outdoors. Big Horn Ranch offers hunting, fishing, riflery and archery, trap and skeet, orienteering, hiking, biking, an outdoor swimming pool and outback cabins, where the kids will bunk.

Perfect for retreats or family gatherings, the ranch also offers on-site lodging and dining, and is ideal for weddings, special events and corporate retreats.

Big Horn Ranch is only 25 miles from Bentonville, Arkansas, 85 miles from Springfield, Missouri and 80 miles from Branson, Missouri. For more information on Big Horn Ranch, its amenities and adventures, please visit or call the ranch directly at (417) 435-2302 for pricing and availability.

About The Armed Forces Foundation:

In 2001 the Armed Forces Foundation (AFF) was established as a 501(c)3 organization under the U.S. Department of Defense's America Supports You program. AFF offers vital assistance to active-duty and retired personnel, National Guard, Reserve Components and military families as they cope with difficult circumstances. Through a multitude of programs the Armed Forces Foundation assists military families with utilities and rent; hotel and travel costs; holiday gifts for military children; and therapeutic recreational activities. The Armed Forces Foundation has been recognized by the President of the United States, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy for its dedication to America's Service Members. For more information on our Foundation or to aid us in our mission please visit us at our website


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Armed Forces Foundation
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