Biggest Common Carp yet nailed 7/4/20

Jun 11, 2020
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Happy July 4th!! Nailed this nice fat 28 1/2” Common Carp yesterday 7/4/20 in a Drain near Sunbeam Lake, El Centro, CA - Imperial Valley. Had a tough go landing this one in 109 degree weather and he was tangled in the brush & weeds at the bottom of this slippery, slimey mud Drain. Carp getting tangled like this Is a regular problem and I loose many Carp off my arrow trying to pull them up. Since 99.9% of my BowFishing are in Drains like this, I am building my own Telescopic Long Pole Gaff that will solve the entanglement problem! I have the Mr Longarm Pole from Home Depot and I ordered a “ 5 in.Gator-Shark Hook“ that I will secure to the end of the Pole, it arrives 7/6. It will be so nice to arrow the Carp, leave him at the bottom of the Drain and simply extend the pole and Gaff that sucker up out of the Drain. Yesterday’s entangled Carp was a bear landing it as I tried securing a fish net I had on the end of my Pole but the net was way too small for this big Carp, then I secured a hunting knife with a gut-hook on the end of the Pole but the knife was too small to hold the Carp. Taking 2 hrs & 15 min, I finally finangled the Carp out of the Brush enough to get him up. I should say the reason I took all this time & effort for a Carp is that I am a contestant in the Fin-Finder BowFishing Co. “WreckFest online BowFishing Tournament” that has been going on since June 17 and ends today July 5. $10 entry fee with many categories of prizes.
This Carp I got yesterday is not going to be a size winner but I am a Pure Hunter/Angler and I am committed to try my best at FC377DA4-5832-466D-A024-2A38C55CB91D.jpeg
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bringing in all the fish and game that I take. Look up Fin-Finder BowFishing in Facebook and you can check out all the entries of the online tournament.





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Feb 8, 2007
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I think I would read the regulations on a gaff used on freshwater fish. Unless the law has changed, Mr. Greenjeans might have a dim view on even having one with you. I use to have a lot of fun bowfishing carp and frogs.

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