Binocular/spotting scope tripod suggestions


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is there a good tripod that you can mount a spotting scope and switch to binoculars easily? something light for backpacking in also? what do you guys like and use? thanks for any info...tired of shaky tripods...


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RE: Mounting and Un-mounting, I recently stopped using my Vortex Summit SS. And that's because...

I really liked what I saw in terms of the Outdoorsmans Bino Quick-Change Adapter, and Stud you screw into the Binos and leave that stud attached to the Binos all the time. This setup is real cool for getting the Binos on Real nice and easy and quick!

You CAN NOT remove the ball-head on that Vortex Summit SS... so I could not put Outdoorsman's pan-head, quick-change adapter, and Bino post adapter.

Soo... asking around for a lightweight Tripod, that wont break the bank, that can go tall enough to view thru while even standing up... I was pointed in the direction of a SLIK Sprint Pro II Tripod.

If it's not horribly windy, you can fully extend it and view from standing. (I've only used this new setup with Vortex Vultures 15x56's, really glad I switched over to the Vultures now instead of using the Razor 11-33x50mm Spotter, much more natural MUCH wider FOV). If the wind is fairly strong, you'll probably have to shrink down the legs and do your viewing from sitting in order to avoid shaky FOV.

Going the route of the Ourdoorsman's micro pan-head, Quick-change adapter and Bino Post and the stud you mount onto your Bino... is not cheap. But it's such a slick setup in terms of being quick to deploy! The standard adapters where you have to use your fingertips to grab and screw-in the Bino Adapter every time, are such a time-consuming pain in the butt.

And btw, that bino Post adapter that the Stud thing fits into... it comes in two sizes. The Taller ones works great and is intended for the 15's Binoculars... and it gives me that added height so I don't have to stoop my neck down in order to view thru the 15's. For size Reference, I'm (now at age 50 slightly shorter at) around 5' 10". And the tall Bino Post Adapter works great. Between the Micro Pan-Head+QuickChange Adapter+ Bino Post Adapter, it adds probably another 5"-6" to he Tripods overall height.


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thanks GDOG and Dustin, I knew I could rely on the JHO team to steer me in the right direction! happy huntin!

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