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Mar 13, 2001
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The fish are biting up and down the coast. Thanx to the guys that are posting reports. Let me know if the boat you were on had good service by the crew, Were they helpful? Was the boat good? Good price, good bait, good service? Seems like the White Seabass are biting at various spots, Some are smalish and some are brutes depending on which school you get on. There are yellowtail biting on the front side of Catalina also. They are the bigger grade of fish (25 lbers). So bring the heavier line. The barries are biting up and down to. Some boats are getting lots others are finding it tough. A buddy of mine got a limit of Calicos on a 3/4 day boat out of Long Beach Sportfishing at Catalina Island.              Fubar
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