Boomer Schools Albacore Seen- It's the 9 PM Albacore Update

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Jul 20, 2006
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The 9 PM Albacore Update

Huge schools of albacore seen today and some pretty good stops going on too. It was far from Wide Open but it could get that way in a hurry as things are really looking up. Buzz is standing by, Live on the Prowler with a great 976-TUNA 9 PM Update-

The 9 PM Albacore Update

<a href="http://e107_plugins/links_page/links.php?view.12" target="_blank">
</a>A Quick check for James. The Grande ended their day with 44 albacore. Not a bad day and it seams things are starting to turn around.

For Grande trip information and to make reservations call 619-223-1627.

Listen to James live - Click Here for Live Report

http://e107_plugins/links_page/links.php?view.12<div class="newsdate" style="text-align: right" />They just started to bite  little for the Prowler this afternoon. they are in a stop for 12 fish right now with lots of albies boiling around the boat.

The Prowler leaves every night at 10 pm.
Call 619-221-8500 for reservations.

Listen to Buzz live - click Here for Live Report

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