Bowfishing States Parks. Silverwood, Perris etc. How to get it allowed?


Dec 29, 2004
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In years past some parks would allow bowfishing if you applied for a permit and followed certain guidelines. Permits were issued at each parks main office. The parks department already know carp are a problem. The bow is the issue, it is viewed as a weapon in their eyes even though you are using it for fishing.

You have started the right process by talking to them and presenting the benefits.
Ordinances on bodies of water has to be addressed, it may have multiple jurisdictions. The body of water may be one entity and the land around it may be another. You could bowfish the lake but access to it may not allow the bow (weapon) accross it. Do lots of research, this is not impossible but may take some time to address. Be patient but persistent.

State wildlife areas have the same problem, CBH/SAA has been able to have some of the land management plans changed to include bowfishing with some restrictions.
Each wildlife area generally has its own management plan.


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