Boy catches bass, brother's lure, 2 days later


Mar 11, 2001
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August 6, 2002

Reeling in the bass, lure that got away

Boy catches 17-inch fish two days after it broke away from his brother

By KIMBERLY WARREN, Traverse City  Record-Eagle staff writer
     TRAVERSE CITY - The big one that got away with the favorite lure didn't stay away long.

     Cal Meyers, 12, was fishing Wednesday on Bass Lake when he caught a 17-inch smallmouth bass. But when he reeled the fish in, it broke free, taking his favorite lure with it.

     "He was really upset when he couldn't get it in the boat," said his mother, Jody Meyers. "If we had had a net, he probably would have gotten it."

     Two days later Cal's younger brother Jay was fishing when he, too, reeled in a 17-inch smallmouth bass.

     "The guy who took us out fishing pulled it up into the boat," 11-year-old Cal said. "He said, 'This fish has a lure in its mouth.' I asked him if it was pretty big, then I went over and looked at it. It was the same fish, and now I have the lure back."

     Jody Meyers said there were no hard feelings between the brothers, who have been fishing together since "they could hold a 2-foot fishing pole," even though Jay ended up with the catch.

     "I'm surprised there wasn't a little bit of competition there," she said. "He was just happy he got his favorite lure back."

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