Boy posing for pic flipped by Yellowstone bison


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Nope, won't defend this guy or particularly his family.

It's one thing to get out there in wild animal habitat and stumble over (or swim into) a tough critter like a gator or a shark... it's another thing altogether to seek out and approach a big, wild animal in its own habitat and treat it like a danged petting zoo.

This is NOT a pet.



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I have a the kid was flown to a hospital in Idaho after the incident, I'm assuming the parents have to find their way to that hospital (or do they fly them there with the kid??)'s paying for all that??

IMHO they should be liable for their stupidity and pay ALL expenses...
Usually they have to find their way, but I've seen them fly with the kid if they agree to shut up and stay seated, and they're not over weight.

A lot of insurance policies DON'T cover helocopter rides, which easily start at 5 figures once we load 'em up.


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The money they get from selling the pics to a tabloid will cover the cost of the whirley-bird ride.

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